Youth Council History

Youth Council


The Youth Council was formed in 1980, and consists of five well-respected people from within the community who share a common vision, which is to mentor the young, and to teach them to discover their own self-worth and potential to achieve and accomplish their respective dreams.

Through educational, recreational, spiritual guidance, the council boasts a healthy success rate expanding over thirty years. Under the protective wing and watchful eye of the Youth Council, many of our former participants have realized their dreams, and have become productive members of church and community. They have joined the ranks as mentors, positively impacting the lives of today’s children and youths.

"The Youth Council’s continued purpose and goal is to teach, develop, and guide the young into bright and successful futures. Through tutoring programs; mentoring, spiritual programs, workshops, special events, and at times, travel, young people learn, develop and put to use acquired skills and knowledge, that will last them a lifetime." 

Mission Statement

Under the Youth Council, there are various divisions that operate Under the Youth Council, there are various divisions that operate respectively in the areas of education/tutoring; spiritual development, social skill; and holiday drives, as well as many other functions.