The Pillars

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Minister James & Sister Betty McNeal joined on February 6, 1972

Bishop James & Elder Betty McNeal, 2018

Brother Gregory A. Wilson joined on April 9, 1972

Elder Gregory A. Wilson Sr., 2018

Brother Bernard K. Jakksen joined on June 25, 1972

Deacon Bernard K. Jakksen, 2018

Sister Josephine Wilson joined on December 17, 1972

Evangelist Josephine Wilson, 2018

Sister Louise Harris joined on February 25, 1973

Sister Louise Caison went home to be with the Lord on July 20, 1993

Sister Ora E. Harris joined on February 25, 1973

Elder Ora E. Lucas, 2018

Sister Diane Harris joined on February 25, 1973

Deaconess Diane Harris, 2018

Sister Rebecca Starks joined on March 17, 1974. Sister Starks was the first saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled member born under Bishop James McNeal Jr.

Evangelist Rebecca Starks, the first born Minister in the Church of New Hope and Faith, Inc. went home to be with the Lord on April 15, 1998.

Sister Roberta M. Moore joined on June 20, 1975

Evangelist Robert M. Jakksen, 2018

Sister Charlotte C. Moore joined on February 1, 1976

Deaconess Charlotte C. Liles, 2018

Brother Theodore L. Liles Jr. joined on August 31, 1976

Deacon Theodore L. Liles Jr., 2018

Sister Natalie A. Caldwell joined on January 14, 1977

Sister Natalie A. Caldwell, 2018