Our Pastor and First Lady

Bishop Gregory  A. Wilson Sr. & Evangelist Josephine Wilson

Here at the Church of New Hope & Faith, Inc. we are blessed and honored to have such excellent examples of a Holy Marriage  in our Pastor Bishop Gregory A Wilson Sr., and our First Lady Evangelist Josephine Wilson.

The scriptures tells us to “Give honor to whom honor is due” and this is our goal as we look at what marriages represent in this world today our Pastor and First Lady represent what a marriage should be in Christ Jesus. Their marriage has endured these many years without separation. Bishop and Evangelist Wilson are an inspiration to both the married and to those that desire to be married.

In a world where marriages are short-lived, the institution of marriage seems to have lost its sacredness. But we honor and give God thanks for our Pastor and First Lady for changing this world’s view on a relationship between husband and wife. They have held true to the Word of God, their faith and commitment to one another for 50 years, and are still overcoming all obstacles that may come their way. All praises and Glory belong to God!

On behalf of our Pastor and First Lady, the Church of New Hope & Faith, Inc. wishes to thank you for visiting our site, and we salute you in the marvelous name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.